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About this site

MarketRoad.org is an Independent, Black-owned businesses, community link, and network. 

U.S.-based, our fundamental goal is to boost commercial engagement, growth, and development within the American black community, and the African diaspora. 

From brick-and-mortar establishments, start-ups, and home-based business operations to local food trucks and street vendors, this website is the place for it.

Recycling interactions

While geared towards local brick-and-mortar business establishments. Home-based business operations as well as local street vendors, are encouraged to register, get listed, and stay listed all the same.

It's always free to sign up and get registered.  A 5-star interactive rating system is designed to help boost more highly responsive customer-based engagements. Users are encouraged to leave 5-star ratings and comments. This helps brick-and-mortar business establishments improve upon their products and services.
Thank you for registering!